Our project

¡Vive la experiencia en PROBIGUA!

Who we are

The “Academia de Español PROBIGUA” (Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala) is a non-profit organization dedicated to two goals:

1. Providing the beginning, intermediate or advanced student of spanish  with an intensive, total-immersion experience.

2. Helping the children of Guatemala by using the proceeds from the school to provide a quality education. Your tuition will also provide scholarships to local students so they can study. 

This goal does not increase costs for the students. Our fees are reasonable and competitive with other, profit-oriented schools. If you are interested in working as a volunteer, we can help you to find a Project where you can work. Besides our library Project, we also have contacts in several social and educational institutions.

Mobile Library

As part of our work, we run one library-bus that visit every day a series of towns and villages in different parts of Guatemala. On this bus, many children have a chance to “travel” through reading.

This program has the support of the sister institution, PROBIGUA Switzerland and the Rotary Club of the United States and Canada.

As part of your experience in PROBIGUA, we will gladly welcome your collaboration if you Want to volunteer in our reading workshops or on our library-bus.  Also, part of the tuition fee that you pay for your Spanish course, will support the libraries and help us to provide scholarships for youngsters to attend school beyond sixth grade.


We believe in hard work and dedication

We have a Scholarship program for children and youth from low-income families. We build classrooms for primary schools and infrastructure for basic institutes in areas with little access to education. Currently we have already built 18 schools and we manage our own educational establishment in cooperation with the parish of San Pedro Yepocapa; This is all thanks to our friends at PROBIGUA SUIZA.

We stop at nothing

During 32 years we have done many things for the benefit of education in Guatemala: we founded libraries, we created a reading program, a scholarship program, two mobile libraries and we have built 18 schools. Currently our largest project is the administration of an educational center in San Pedro Yepocapa. Our mission is to provide quality education to children and youth.

We love to help

Furthermore, we have opened 9 computer centers and installed additional computers in 9 libraries. Our goa lis to improve the services in our existing libraries and to provide Access to modern technology to many children and teachers in rural áreas.

We take it step by step

The tuition you pay helps us support the libraries and provides scholarships for students to attend school beyond sixth grade.  We have received support from philanthropic organizations in the U.S., Europe and Guatemala

A smile and hope

For interested students, we offer volunteer work in our library Project. We always need staff to maintain our mobile library and computer centers and to provide other services, such as introducing children and Young people to the library, labeling and sorting books, or maintaining PC´s.

The faces behind our success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

We have the Papal blessing